Loving Corn

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I still do not quite understand why this little boy loves to eat corn so much.
Anything ranging from bread to soup.

As long you mention the word 'corn'.  He will come grab it.

He eats 1.5 slices of corn bread in the morning.
He loves blue berry.
Other than corn, he basically eats anything that is crunchy, walnuts, corn, soy bean, biscuit.

He kinda 'hates' going to the school.

He refuses to take nap in the afternoon.
He becomes cranky at 8 pm every night.

He follows almost every action his elder brother does.
Most of the time, repeats what his elder brother says.

He has the adventurous look but does not want to try out new things as we notice.

Lastly, he is still on breast feeding.  If you are wondering. ;)

I am number one!

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